fljnk - Warehouse Management


The fljnk inventory management offers operators of a Shopware store the possibility of a structured inventory management. In addition, you have the possibility to view important item data and edit it if necessary.


Below we would like to introduce you to the various functions of the fljnk warehouse management.


The center of a warehouse is formed by the stored articles. For this reason, the main view of the warehouse management of fljnk is also based on this approach. A search function is available to find the desired article. The search takes into account a large number of the available article data. This way the matching articles can be found even if, for example, only a part of the article name is entered. After a successful search, all matching articles are displayed.


By selecting an article you get to the article view. Here you have the possibility to view important article information and already assigned storage bins. As a main component, the mobile warehouse management for Shopware offers the option to store, retrieve or transfer the article.




First, enter the item quantity that you want to put away. Then select the desired storage bin where the item is to be stored. Here you can choose between already existing storage bins or create a new one. Finally, you can decide whether the selected bin is the standard bin. Only one standard storage bin can be stored for each item, but this can be changed at any time. To complete the process, select "Save".


Stock transfer


When transferring stock, first select the quantity you want to transfer. Then you specify from which bin the goods will be taken and in which bin the item will be placed. To complete the process, select "Save".


Removal from stock


To remove an item from stock, first specify the quantity to be removed from stock and then select the storage bin from which the goods will be taken. To complete the process, select "Save". 


The fljnk stock management is compatible with Shopware 5 and Shopware 6 online stores and allows you to manage your stock in a structured way, saving you valuable time and money.


No additional plugin is required in the Shopware backend. Download fljnk and enjoy all the benefits of a mobile and modern warehouse management!


You already have a warehouse structure and don't want to create it manually in the fljnk warehouse?


We are happy to play in existing storage bins and their inventory levels.


In our series "fljnk explained" we present in detail the procedure for using fljnk warehouse management for Shopware.




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