fljnk - Shipping Label

By popular request of our community, we have implemented a new feature and allow Shopware store operators to generate and print the shipping label for an order from within the app. This way we complete the order processing process.



To be able to create a shipping label, the necessary logon data of the logistics partner must first be stored in the settings of the fljnk app. You can also individually set whether the customer's phone number and/or e-mail address should be displayed on the shipping label. By default, these are not displayed.


After successful setup, the user can select the shipping label in addition to the invoice and the delivery bill in the "Order documents" area when an order is ready to be shipped.


In the subsequent view, you have the option to select the shipping company and the product. The package weight is calculated from the stored item weights of an order and can also be adjusted if necessary. 


For the delivery address, fljnk makes sure in the background that it is a valid address. If the fljnk app does not find the stored address, this is marked with a "⚠️". In this way, fljnk supports you in correcting a chain of errors in shipping at an early stage. You also have the option here to fully customize the address.


As a shipping company, we currently support GLS and will expand this to the common logistics partners in the upcoming versions.


With this feature you save additional plugins in the Shopware backend and can handle the entire order processing from the app.This will speed up your parcel shipping and save valuable time. #parcelshipping


In our series "fljnk Explained" we present in detail the procedure for using the fljnk shipping label for Shopware.



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