fljnk - Multiple Order Fulfillment

Now it's already November and we're heading more and more towards the high-turnover winter. Because with winter comes Singles Day, Black Friday and, last but not least, the Christmas business.


To be well prepared for these important days in e-commerce, fljnk, the Shopware app, offers the perfect solution for a smooth processing of your orders - The multiple processing.


With the help of multiple processing, any number of orders can be processed at the same time. By helping you assign items, fljnk ensures error-free order processing. In addition, by using fljnk you reduce your picking times many times over, as you avoid duplicate paths in the warehouse. We have also thought of the end customer with this function, who will be even more satisfied and benefit from the adherence to your delivery times and fast delivery.


In order for you to successfully cope with the expected increased order volume, we would like to introduce and explain the functions of fljnk multiple processing once again in detail.


Multiple processing is divided into fljnkX and fljnkOne picking. In fljnkOne processing, items from any number of orders are first listed together. After all the items have been collected, the assignment of each item to the orders takes place. This is done at the packing table. To do this, you can select an item during multiple processing and fljnk will tell you which order to put the item in with the appropriate quantity. Finally, you can mark all orders as ready to ship.


The fljnkX processing differs from fljnkOne picking in that the allocation of items takes place during picking. This process is often referred to as rolling picking. It should be noted that you prepare a separate crate/box for each order. Again, the items from all orders are listed together. For the assignment to the picking boxes, you select an item so that fljnk can tell you in which box to put the item with the corresponding quantity. Finally, you can also mark all orders as ready to ship here.


As you can see, the fljnk app, can help you with increased order volume, on days like Black Friday, Singles Day, or Prime Day with processing and no more hurdles standing in your way during high-turnover days for e-commerce.


In our series "fljnk explained" we present in detail the procedure for using fljnk multiple processing for Shopware.


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