fljnk E-Commerce / Marketing Calendar 2021

The E-Commerce Calendar 2021 is online!

In today's blog post, we have exceptionally dealt with a small off-topic topic from the field of e-commerce. With our marketing calendar for the year 2021, we have summarized the most important events and happenings in this year. In addition to holidays, you will also find theme days that you should not miss and that you can use excellently for the content of your company.


We have built our e-commerce calendar in such a way that we provide you directly with two files: the monthly view and the yearly view. While the yearly view is used to see everything important at a glance, we have made the monthly view even more detailed and filled it with even more events.


fljnk E-Commerce Calendar 2021 - Year View:




fljnk E-Commerce Calendar 2021 - Month View:




However, so that you also remember to create and plan the respective content for an event in advance, we give you a preview every month in the form of what needs to be prepared, which trends await you in the coming months or which products will be particularly in demand. This allows you to optimally stage your own products and adapt them to these topics. For example, the preview in March by the topics: Garden Decoration, Garden Furniture, Motorcycle & Convertible, Outdoor Activities and Tire Replacement. Your products do not always have to have a direct connection to the topics in order to create suitable content. #creative



What do you think are the days of the year you look forward to the most? Feel free to leave us a comment with your favorite day and your feedback about our calendar, we'd love to hear from you!


With your marketing activities, you probably have the goal of reaching new customers, drawing the attention of existing customers to you, and reaching more people overall with your product or service. As a result, orders should of course be generated in your online store. The fljnk app helps you to maintain an overview and work in a structured manner during order processing. Especially a lot of time can be saved in the daily business with the help of multiple processing.




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