fljnk - Delivery Service

With the fljnk delivery service for Shopware we would like to offer operators of a Shopware online store the possibility to expand their online business locally and to offer their customers the possibility of a fast delivery.


For this purpose, we have added the option "Delivery service" to the device settings of the fljnk app. When activated, you can directly select the delivery address within an order. You will then be redirected to the map app, which shows you the fastest route and all important order information.


In this way, keep important information such as the order number, order name and address in view at all times during delivery.


Shopware stores offer not only an online sales channel, but also give local merchants the opportunity to deliver their goods independently through a modern software connection.


With the fljnk delivery service you can offer your customers an additional service, which supports you especially in the current situation and offers further sales opportunities in the future.


In our series "fljnk explained" we present in detail the procedure for using the fljnk delivery service for Shopware.



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