fljnk - Barcode-Scanner for Shopify

The fljnk barcode scanner for Shopware enables the automation of processes in the warehouse. Due to the barcode-based processing and the seamless integration into the fljnk app, workflows can be accelerated and error-free. The fljnk barcode scanner is suitable for both Shopware 5 and Shopware 6. To give you an insight into how the fljnk barcode scanner behaves "in action", we will go into more detail about the different areas of application below.


Scope of delivery of the fljnk barcode scanner


The fljnk barcode scanner is delivered in a small box. Next to the scanner you will find the matching charging cable and a wrist strap, so that you can use the scanner optimally in the warehouse. In our unboxing video, we of course present this to you visually once again. We've also made sure that everything about our scanner is designed to be as simple as possible, making it easy as pie to use as well as set up, which we'll get into in the next paragraph. #KeepItSimple


Setup of the fljnk barcode scanner for Shopware


The scanner will be connected to your device in less than 60 seconds. First, open the fljnk app and go to the settings. Then select "Barcode Scanner". In the new page that appears, you can click the "+" icon at the top and follow the on-screen instructions. Feel free to leave us your best time connecting in the comments!


fljnk barcode scanner in Shopware order processing


During order processing, the barcode scanner is used to pick the order items. The scanner can be used for both single and multiple order picking. By scanning an article barcode, fljnk automatically checks whether the article belongs to the corresponding order item. If it is the correct item, the item is briefly highlighted in green and automatically confirmed. If, on the other hand, an article barcode was scanned that does not appear in the order, then the entire screen is briefly highlighted in red. This makes it immediately obvious that it is the wrong article. Of course, the functions described above can also be transferred to multiple processing, so that there, too, the matching article is immediately highlighted as soon as you have scanned the correct barcode.


Barcode scanner in warehouse management


Also in the warehouse management the fljnk barcode scanner enables the fast search of a desired article. You can scan article barcodes as well as barcodes of storage bins. When an article barcode is scanned, the corresponding article is called up immediately, so that all article information can be viewed or the storage, retrieval or transfer of the article can be carried out. Of course, the article information can also be edited. In our blogpost: fljnk - warehouse management we go into more detail about these functions. If the barcode of a storage bin is scanned, all products stored in this bin are displayed. This makes it possible to see all information of the stored products of a bin directly on site - in the warehouse.


Why we think the fljnk barcode scanner is an enrichment for every online store?


The customer journey does not end with the completion of the order in your online store. The satisfaction of your customers also depends on the fast and error-free delivery of the ordered products. The customer wants to hold the ordered goods in his hands without errors and fljnk. The daily business of an online store can quickly become confusing and chaotic. With the fljnk barcode scanner we help you to optimize your order processing and stock management in the best possible way. Through optical and acoustic signals when scanning a barcode, you know immediately if you have picked the right item or if you have made a mistake. We assure you that by using the fljnk barcode scanner you are taking the next step towards automated and modern order processing. #NextStep


Why did we decide on a handheld scanner and not a scanner sleeve?


We deliberately decided to develop a handheld scanner and not to implement a scanner cover. This is because we see significantly more advantages in the connection of a handheld scanner. Due to the handy design, the fljnk barcode scanner fits comfortably in the hand and can easily be worn around the wrist with the included wrist strap. So when the scanner is not in use, for example when an article is taken from the shelf, you can continue to work with both hands. In addition, the fljnk scanner is independent of the end device. This means that you can choose which iOS device you want to use in your warehouse. Both iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad are compatible with the fljnk app and the fljnk barcode scanner. Because of the independent connection to the device, you can continue to use the fljnk barcode scanner in the future when you purchase new devices or change your devices and you don't have to buy a new scanner case. You can continue to use your existing barcode scanner.


We are constantly working on the further development of our systems. Of course we will continuously integrate the fljnk barcode scanner into new processes and expand the field of application. We are firmly convinced that the fljnk barcode scanner will belong in every e-commerce warehouse in the future and will offer added value in daily processing. #CheckItOut



In our series "fljnk explained" we introduce you to the use of the fljnk barcode scanner.


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