fljnk - App for Shopware 6

Wir sind ready für Shopware 6 und haben viele Neuerungen, die wir Euch vorstellen möchten!


First things first: fljnk is immediately compatible with any Shopware 6 online store. No plugin is needed anymore. Just download the app and get started. With this, we want to simplify and speed up the process for using fljnk. Individual settings can be made via the app.


Shopware 6 offers a variety of new possibilities for online stores. In addition to the redesign of the user interface, the modular structure of the system also offers new potential for users. 


With fljnk, we now provide the mobile solution for Shopware 6. By connecting to Shopware 6, we enable mobile order processing, evaluation and stock management of the Shopware store. #fljnk


  • Digital Pick List
  • Collective picking
  • Rolling picking
  • Change of the order status
  • Creation, viewing and printing of order documents
  • Creation and printing of shipping labels
  • Entry, modification and scanning of tracking code
  • Evaluation
  • Weekly, monthly and annual evaluation
  • Stock keeping
  • Delivery service


In addition to the connection to Shopware 6, we have also simplified the login in the app,so that for the connection of fljnk to a Shopware 6 store the same login data can be used as for the backend. #keepitsimple


Lastly, we've been working hard on improving our load times, so orders, item images, and more will load even faster from now on. #speedup


On 07/22/2020 at 9:00am we will release version 2.1 of fljnk.


Your fljnk team





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