We explain in detail how you can successfully connect your online store with the fljnk app in just a few steps. Afterwards, you can start processing your orders or filling your digital warehouse right away.
With the Shopware barcode scanner from fljnk you modernize your order processing and warehouse management. Through the perfect integration in the fljnk app, all processes work fluently with each other and you will no longer miss this way of working in your daily business! In our blog post we explain everything you need to know about our barcode scanner.
The e-commerce calendar 2021 of fljnk allows to plan the marketing for the whole year in advance. Here, two files are provided to achieve this goal in the best possible way. Download now the marketing calendar for the year 2021 for free.
With the fljnk multiple order fulfillment for Shopify you can optimize your picking times in the warehouse and maintain an overview even on high-turnover days such as Black Friday or Singles Day.
The fljnk warehouse management offers the possibility to store inventory from your Shopware store in a structured way. Manage your warehouse directly from the app.
The fljnk shipping label allows operators of a Shopware store to generate and print the shipping label for an order from within the app.
With the fljnk delivery service for Shopware we would like to offer operators of a Shopware online store the possibility to expand their online business locally and to offer their customers the possibility of a fast delivery.
fljnk is immediately compatible with any Shopware 6 online store. No plugin is necessary. Just download the app and get started.
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